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A global, interactive, multi-disciplinary forum that applies emerging molecular insights to advance oncology knowledge and improve clinical care.

Privileged to have been a part of this trial effort led by @NataliyaUboha! Excited by the potential for immunotherapy to make an even bigger difference for people with #cholangiocarcinoma! @curecc @CCA_Alliance

@TumorBoardTues @MarkYarchoan @ElleryAltshuler @Amitmahipal79 @DJPinato @GABOUALFA @GillSharlene @GIcancerDoc @RuthHe12 @ArndtVogel @DrAngelaLamarca @timpawlik @graokane Looking forward to Tuesday's discussion on Durva + TACE for liver cancer!

@oncodaily @TumorBoardTues @MarkYarchoan @ElleryAltshuler @Amitmahipal79 @DJPinato @GABOUALFA @GIcancerDoc @RuthHe12 @ArndtVogel @DrAngelaLamarca @timpawlik @graokane Great initiative! Looking forward to the live event on July 9th. Important discussion on Durva + TACE for liver cancer, a crucial topic for the 1 million people affected by HCC worldwide each year.

@TumorBoardTues @MarkYarchoan @ElleryAltshuler @Amitmahipal79 @DJPinato @GABOUALFA @GillSharlene @GIcancerDoc @RuthHe12 @ArndtVogel @DrAngelaLamarca @timpawlik @graokane We would like to inform you that your post has been successfully published on Oncodaily. Thank you for sharing.

Our Team

Michael J. Pishvaian, MD, PhD

TBT Originator; Associate Professor, Dept of Oncology; Dir of GI, Dev Therapeutics, and Clinical Research Programs at NCR Kimmel Cancer Center at Sibley Memorial Hosp Johns Hopkins Uni School of Med

Alison Rothbaum

TBT Program Manager; Autoimmune Patient Advocate; Med Ed Social Media Connoisseur - continually working to bridge communication between clinicians and patients, while building networks for international collaboration.

Johnathan Ebben, MD, PhD

TBT Wrap Up Project Manager; Oncology Fellow; Div of Hematology, Oncology, and Palliative Care at Uni of Wisconsin-Madison; Co-Founder of NanoRed Biotechnology

Community Meetups

TumorBoardTuesday meeting the community

Dr. Johnathan Ebben at ASCO 2023

Dr. Johnathan Ebben & Hannah Hannon at ASCO 2023

Dr. Johnathan Ebben & Dr. Balazs Halmos at ASCO 2023

Dr. Johnathan Ebben & Dr. Rafee Talukder at ASCO 2023

Dr. Eleonora Teplinsky & Dr. Johnathan Ebben at ASCO 2023

Dr. Joao Fogacci & Dr. Michael Pishvaian in Brazil

ASCO 2023

Dr. Johnathan Ebben preparing for ASCO 2023

ASCO 2023

Dr. Petros Grivas & Dr. Rafee Talukder after leading a #TumorBoardTuesday session

Dr. Helene Andrews & Dr. Michael Pishvaian at #TumorBoardTuesday's GI summit

Dr. Pamela Kunz, & Dr. Michael Pishvaian at #TumorBoardTuesday's GI summit

Dr. Johnathan Ebben & Ann ASCO 2023

Dr. Jack West talking about #TumorBoardTuesday & the power of social media

Dr. Michael Pishvaian & Dr. Narjust Florez at fellows retreat

Dra. Rachel Riechelmann, Dr. Joao Fogacci, Dr. Ricardo Carvalho, Dra. Anelisa Coutinho, & Dr. Michael Pishvaian at Brazil symposium

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